Multimodal transport

As a multimodal transport operator, we can offer you a combination of the individual types of transport – road, railway, water – as a solution for large distances with a reduced impact on the environment and traffic density.
We provide the collection and distribution of containers from selected terminals using our own technical equipment.

Advantages of multimodal transport:
  • cost-effective and ecological alternative to road transport ,
  • in selected countries, it is possible to increase the total weight of a set up to 44 tons,
  • use in transport liquids and loose cargo for longer distances (above 500 km),
  • opens possibilities to combine railway, ship and road transport ,
  • removal of cargo from roads and motorways = higher transport safety with the simultaneous support of a more environmentally-friendly solution,
  • enables the creation of a temporary inventory on the way (in the terminal) with fluent supply at the moment of need,
  • improves the accessibility of territories (areas) with a prevailing railway infrastructure (Russia, Ukraine),
  • network of verified sub-suppliers all over Europe for ensuring fluent and safe movement during transport,
  • own tank containers – hyperlink to technical equipment of various sizes and specifications equipped with steam or electric heating.

Railway transport
Road transport