Tank sets

We operate tanks of a verified quality mainly from the French manufacturer Maisonneuve. Our carriage rolling stock also includes some other makes, such as the Austrian concern Schwarzmüller and the German make Feldbinder.

  • Mainly one-chamber three-axle tank semi-trailers in the ADR finish suitable for transporting liquid, poisonous, inflammable, caustic or otherwise dangerous substances of various temperatures, densities, specific weights and freezing point.s
  • 89 tank sets with a volume of 18-33,000 litres are at our disposal.
  • Tank semi-trailers for transporting substances with high temperatures above 200 °C – liquid pitch, asphalt and modified bonding agents.
  • Tank vehicles with a special coating (Ebonit, Derakan - ?) for transporting highly caustic substances, such as hydrochloric acid and other substances containing chlorine.
  • Special technology with the possibility of our own WEBASTO heating during driving and parking and also steam heating.