Shipment of liquid pitch with a temperature of 200 °C

Assignment of the project: Ensure continual shipment of liquid black-coal pitch from the manufacturing plant to places of its further processing all over Europe.

The fleet of tanks for pitch transportation

Specific restrictions:

The product temperature at loading: 210 °C, the product temperature at uploading: minimally 180 °C, high requirements for the product cleanness.

Applied solutions:

In cooperation with the supplier of tank semi-trailers, a unique structure of the tank semi-trailer has been developed bearing high operating temperatures (up to 230 °C). For the maximal reduction of temperature losses, special interruption of thermal bridges designed for the structure of the semi-trailer and robust insulations. The outlet pipelines of the tank can be heated electrically before unloading. Before loading, empty tanks are preheated with steam in order to eliminate thermal shock during filling. The risk of contaminating the product substance is excluded by the strict principle of technology put aside – sets of this type do not load any other commodities. For better distribution fluency, the loading period has been extended.

Heating of the foot valve