Supplies of highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide

Assignment: Cost-effective supplies of highly concentrated oxidant from the manufacturing plant in Germany with the maximal emphasis on safety during transportation.

Transportation technology for H2O2

Specific restrictions:

Extreme sensitivity of the substance to contamination; the oxidising properties can cause overheating and a subsequent explosion. The contact with organic materials represents a risk of auto-ignition. Unloading also in the places where no pump is at disposal on the recipient’s side.

Applied solutions:

In cooperation with the manufacturer, the specification of the satisfactory transport technology made of special stainless steel has been prepared. Before putting into operation, all internal parts passivated by the chemical method in order to restrict the surface reactivity. From the moment of the first use, strict adherence to the rule of setting aside means of transport only for hydrogen peroxide. Sets equipped with their own electrically driven pump enabling emptying regardless of facilities in the place of destination. Regular inspections of transport technology and the training of drivers and operators directly in the manufacturing plant.

Operators at the container unloading