Distribution of the reduction agent AdBlue

The distribution of bulk AdBlue includes a sophisticated complex of activities from filling 1000 L IBC containers through deliveries to smaller containers in transport companies to supplies to public petrol stations and central warehouses.

Výdejní zaříení cisterny


AdBlue is used as a supplementary operating liquid for lorries with diesel engines. Due to its injection into exhaust pipelines, there is a considerable reduction of NOx emissions, which enables the achievement of the environmental standards EURO 5 and above.

Specifics of the project:

Fluent supply to a large number of places while keeping the optimal costs of a supplied unit and quick reaction to new requirements. Various types of containers, into which it is pumped over. In the winter period, there are risks of substances freezing in dispensing armatures. Solutions applied by Omega Servis:

The centralized control room manages the movement of vehicles across the portfolio of customers, which means a reduction in costs per transported ton, and it also speeds up the response time in the case of urgent supplies. The designed structure and equipment of the tank allows us to serve all types of recipients. In the winter period, operators activate the stand-alone heating, which heats not only the transfer vessel itself, but also the whole area of the discharge facility. The calibrated dispensing equipment with the possibility of printing the confirmation of the supplied quantity is a matter of course.

Operation of dispersing

Other information on the AdBlue distribution project can be found in this presentation leaflet!

Delivery set